The Best Hispanic Boxers of All Time

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A list of the best Hispanic boxers, ranked by boxing fans from around the world. For years, boxing has been intertwined with Hispanic culture. The boxers listed on here are some of the most well known boxers in the boxing history. They are some of the biggest names and most popular fighters of their time. There are champions, title contenders, and boxers who are famous in their own right. The best Hispanic boxers aren't limited to a certain weight class. The top boxers on this list are middleweights, light heavyweights, heavyweights, welterweights and the like. Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez and Oscar De La Hoya are three of the biggest Hispanic fighters in boxing history. They are known for their blend of brute force, punishing punches and quick feet. They are known as some of the greatest Hispanic boxers of all time. There are a few familiar names on here that can be called the most famous Hispanic boxers as well. 

Vote and re-rank this list according to who you think should be consider the best Hispanic boxer of all time. If you notice someone is missing from this list, feel free to add him. 
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  • Roberto Durán
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    Roberto Durán Samaniego (born June 16, 1951) is a Panamanian former professional boxer who competed from 1968 to 2001. He held world championships in four weight classes: lightweight, welterweight, light middleweight and middleweight, as well as reigns as the undisputed and lineal lightweight champion, and the lineal welterweight champion. He is also the second boxer to have competed over a span of five decades, the first being Jack Johnson. Durán was known as a versatile, technical brawler and pressure fighter, which earned him the nickname of "Manos de Piedra" ("Hands of Stone") for his formidable punching power and excellent defense.In 2002, Durán was voted by The Ring magazine as the ...more
    • Age: 71
    • Birthplace: Panama, Guararé
    • Weight Division: Welterweight, Lightweight, Light middleweight, Middleweight
    723 votes
  • Julio César Chávez
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    Julio César Chávez González (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxuljo ˈsesaɾ ˈtʃaβez ɣonˈsales]; born July 12, 1962), also known as Julio César Chávez Sr., is a Mexican former professional boxer who competed from 1980 to 2005. A multiple-time world champion in three weight divisions, Chávez was listed by The Ring magazine as the world's best boxer, pound for pound, from 1990 to 1993. During his career he held the WBC super featherweight title from 1984 to 1987, the WBA and WBC lightweight titles between 1987 and 1989, the WBC light welterweight title twice between 1989 and 1996, and the IBF light welterweight title from 1990 to 1991. He also held the Ring magazine and lineal lightweight titles from ...more
    • Age: 60
    • Birthplace: Ciudad Obregón, Mexico
    • Weight Division: Lightweight, Super featherweight, Light welterweight
    681 votes
  • Salvador Sánchez
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    Salvador Sánchez

    Salvador Sánchez Narváez (January 26, 1959 – August 12, 1982) was a Mexican boxer born in the town of Santiago Tianguistenco, Estado de México. Sanchez was the WBC and lineal featherweight champion from 1980 to 1982. Many of his contemporaries as well as boxing writers believe that, had it not been for his premature death, Sánchez could have gone on to become the greatest Featherweight boxer of all time. Sánchez died on August 12, 1982 in a car accident from Querétaro to San Luis Potosí He is also the uncle of Salvador Sánchez II.In 1991, Sánchez was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. The Ring magazine named both him, and Sugar Ray Leonard, as Fighter of the Year in ...more
    • Age: Dec. at 23 (1959-1982)
    • Birthplace: Santiago Tianguistenco, Mexico
    • Weight Division: Featherweight
    439 votes
  • Wilfred Benítez
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    Wilfred Benítez (born September 12, 1958) is an American-born Puerto Rican former professional boxer and the youngest world champion in the sport's history. Earning his first of three career world titles in separate weight divisions at the age of seventeen, he is best remembered as a skilled and aggressive fighter with exceptional defensive abilities, along with his fights with Roberto Durán, Thomas Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1996, he is considered among the best Puerto Rican boxers of all time, sharing the honor with Félix Trinidad, Wilfredo Gómez, Carlos Ortiz, Héctor Camacho, and Miguel Cotto.
    • Age: 64
    • Birthplace: New York City, New York
    • Weight Division: Welterweight, Light middleweight, Light welterweight
    308 votes
  • Alexis Argüello (April 19, 1952 – July 1, 2009) was a Nicaraguan professional boxer who competed from 1968 to 1995, and later became a politician. He was a three-weight world champion, having held the WBA featherweight title from 1974 to 1976; the WBC super featherweight title from 1978 to 1980; and the WBC lightweight title from 1981 to 1982. Additionally, he held the Ring magazine and lineal featherweight titles from 1975 to 1977; the Ring lightweight title from 1981 to 1982; and the lineal lightweight title in 1982. In his later career he challenged twice for light welterweight world titles, both times in famous fights against Aaron Pryor. Argüello has regularly been cited as one of the ...more
    • Age: Dec. at 57 (1952-2009)
    • Birthplace: Managua, Nicaragua
    • Weight Division: Featherweight, Lightweight, Super featherweight
    412 votes
  • José Nápoles
    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    José Ángel Nápoles, nicknamed Mantequilla ("Butter", referring to his smooth boxing style), (April 13, 1940 – August 16, 2019) was a Cuban-born Mexican boxer and a World Welterweight Champion. He is frequently ranked as one of the greatest fighters of all time in that division and was a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. His record of the most wins in unified championship bouts in boxing history, shared with Muhammad Ali, was unbeaten for 40 years. After debuting professionally in Cuba, he fought out of Mexico and became a Mexican citizen.
    • Age: 82
    • Birthplace: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
    • Weight Division: Welterweight
    194 votes