The Best New Period Drama (and Comedy) Shows Of 2022

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Vote up the best TV series set in a different time period that premiered their first season in 2022.

Even if the best historical drama shows are set in the past, their stories can be as fresh as anything new, and the best period piece shows of 2022 are no exception. From the recent past to times of sumptuous costumed drama, the new historical dramas premiering in 2022 are your time machine to good stories.

Biographical dramas are a favorite subject for period pieces, giving the audience a dramatized (sometimes very dramatized) view of historical events. Set in the surprisingly distant decade of the late '90s, Pam & Tommy takes a darkly comedic look at one of the most notorious and early viral videos in history. Other great period dramas in 2022 include the more familiar Old West and Victorian settings of The Gilded Age and Around The World in 80 Days, respectively.

Check out the 2022 historical drama shows below and vote up the very best, then see what other historical dramas have premiered in the recent past.