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Which Historical Fashion Trend Matches Your Zodiac?

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Fashion is an outward expression of the inner self, and determining what you should wear based on your zodiac sign is a great way to flaunt your hidden traits. That doesn't mean all Aries should be walking around with big horns or that Pisces needs to always be rocking iridescent scales (though they certainly can!), but for those who like a little dramatic flair in their outfits (or really big collars), these historical fashion trends might do the trick. This fashion horoscope turns some of history's most unique looks into inspiration for each zodiac sign.

The history of the zodiac can be traced all the way back to the Roman era, beginning in the eighth century BCE. Most of these trends came after the birth of the horoscope, but that doesn't mean they can't be used to plan out fashion by zodiac sign. While some might be a bit more daring than others, that's all part of the fun of deciding what you should wear based on your personality; sometimes a wild outfit can be a reminder of a trait you usually keep hidden.