The Best Historical Mystery Series

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Vote up the best period detective series or shows about the mysteries of specific previous era, that have aired on television.
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The best period detective series and historical mystery shows let you experience a different time period while also enjoying a good whodunnit. Whether they're a scripted drama or a mystery documentary, they offer intrigue, and often, some great costumes. If you’ve been looking for the best historical mysteries to add some excitement to your TV nights, this list of the period detective and mystery series of all time will help you figure out what needs to go into your queue.

From BBC detective dramas to docuseries that offer plenty of historical reenactment, many of the best mystery shows are set during specific time periods. Thanks to the popularity of detective novels from authors like Agatha Christie, there are several shows based on books, like Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Agatha Christie's Poirot - and of course Sherlock Holmes. Other historical mystery shows dramatize famous mysteries such as Jack The Ripper while offering insight from historians. Other shows just know that history itself offers many mysteries and place their detectives in dashing times that offer historical drama and great costumes along with the crime-solving.

Which shows balance mystery and history the best? Vote up the best historical mystery and detective shows, then vote down the shows that don't solve the mystery of the best detective series set in a previous time period.

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