The Best History Podcasts That Make Learning Fun

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List of the best history podcasts on the iTunes store, voted on by history buffs like yourself. There are a variety of good history podcasts that are currently available for download, covering events like World War I, World War II, The Roman Empire and much more. If history was never your favorite subject in school, don't worry- these podcasts shed an extremely interesting light on events that you might have found boring as a child.

Including Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and Unexplained, this list of history podcasts currently airing new episodes is your definitive guide to podcasts about historical events, lesser known histories, and more. 

Popular history podcasts include Stuff You Missed In History Class with Tracy Wilson and Holley Frey, and PBS's The War. Vote for your favorite history podcasts, and add one to the list if it's missing. Don't have iTunes? Don't worry- many of these are available online if you seek them out.

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  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    224 votes

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
    125 votes

    Stuff You Missed in History Class

  • The History of Rome
    85 votes

    The History of Rome

  • The Dollop
    49 votes

    The Dollop

  • The British History Podcast
    49 votes

    The British History Podcast

  • Revolutions
    48 votes


    By Mike Duncan