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Blake Edwards
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The best hockey jersey fails include some of the funniest, most idiotic and utterly bizarre ways NHL fans have customized their jerseys. From the jerseys that misspell the names of the best hockey players ever to those that poke fun at ways hockey players have screwed up, these hockey jersey fails are as embarrassing as they are comical.

Sometimes, the jersey fail comes by accident such as in the case of misspelled names or putting a player's name on a jersey of a team for which he's never played. Mario Lemieux's name becomes Lemiexu, Ryan Kesler's name becomes Kseler and the name of the great Russian hockey player Sergei Fedorov appears on a hockey jersey for Team USA.

Other times, fans simply want to mock a certain player or team with their jersey. Fans have poked fun at off-ice incidents with jersey fails, such as the "Kane Cab Company" jersey making fun of an incident between a taxi driver and Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane. They also simply express their dislike for players with slogans like "Criesby," to show dislike of Sidney Crosby, or "Potvin Sucks" which needs no explanation.

Even other NHL jersey fails come when fans add an inside joke, a funny nickname or a random and generally dirty name to their jersey. More than a few hockey fans have put their sex life on display with various dirty messages on jerseys, or at least what they'd like people to think about their sex lives.

These hockey jersey fails show that just because leagues like the National Hockey League allow fans to personalize jerseys does not always mean that the crazy saying you thought up one night after a few drinks should be sewn into your next jersey. Somewhere, whoever thought up the idea of personalized jerseys is laughing their ass off with the can of worms they opened.

Hockey jersey fails are everywhere from the minor league teams in the ECHL to the mid-level professional leagues like the American Hockey League all the way up through the NHL. If you see a hockey jersey fail in the wild, do not panic. Stop laughing and calmly take a photo and add it below. If we all remain vigilant, we can all combat hockey jersey fails, one bad personalization at a time.
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