The Best Holiday-Based Horror Movies Of The 2010s

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Vote up the horror movies that mine quality scares from all manner of holidays.

The past decade has given us a wide and awesome range of holiday horror movies. Sure, some are groan-worthy, but that scary-schmaltzy mix is exactly why these films are adored, and the past decade has produced some real winners.

This time of year, the holiday-horror genre is downright revitalizing for folks who desperately crave opportunities to mock the saccharine seasonal cheer - people who prefer their sugar plums to be sanguinary, and with a heaping side of screams. Don’t expect only Christmas frights, of course. These spook-fests encompass the period of time between Labor Day and New Year’s Day - except for Halloween. Even a horror-hater can name a few scary Halloween flicks!

Some of the following films are campy, others are legitimately terrifying, but all are super-fun holiday horror romps.

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    Horror-comedy Krampus follows the deceptively festive evil exploits of Santa’s wicked shadow creature. 

    The impressive cast, including Toni Colette and Adam Scott, elevates the 2015 holiday movie for scare-loving horror fans on the naughty list. It may lack depth, but Krampus is a super fun movie to enjoy with anyone old enough to know the truth about Santa. 

  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
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    An adventure-horror with a sprinkle of dark comedy, Finnish film Rare Exports is a true genre favorite.

    During an archaeological dig on Christmas Eve, a group makes a shocking discovery when they unearth Santa Claus. Nothing like the jolly gift-giver we’d expect, this is dark Santa is definitely on the naughty list. Rare Exports is a truly scary movie that’s well-acted, beautifully filmed, and has won a host of awards.  

  • The 2016 horror-comedy is a home intrusion fright-fest featuring a cute, tough-as-nails babysitter, a Kevin McAllister-type adolescent, and a truly excellent plot twist. If you are fed up with all the freaking Christmas festivities, trade saccharine for suspense.

    As the bloodshed is minimal, Better Watch Out can be enjoyed with a wide range of people - as long as you don’t mind a few very pervy preteens. 

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    2012 slasher Silent Night features a great cast, including Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King. A reimagining of the '80s horror movie Silent Night, Deadly Night, this reboot delivers an old-fashioned holiday gorefest, complete with unclothed bodies and gratuitous violence.