The Best Holographic Lip Glosses

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If you don’t have a holographic lip gloss in your makeup bag, you’re not living. Yes, the trend can look a bit intense or scary if all that glitters is not in your wheelhouse, but the truth is holographic lips are a look that can be rocked by everyone. A bit of shimmer and shine can add pizzazz to even your everyday look. 

Seriously - name a more fun trend than hologram lips! It spans all kind of styles with ease, from fantasy (think unicorn makeup) to futuristic goth-glam. The best hologram lip glosses will infuse your makeup look with an otherworldly glow, making you feel like an alien angel come to life. And who doesn't want that?!

Find the top hologram lip gloss for you in the list below, and go and get your glow on.

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