Graveyard Shift The Most Horrifying Home Invasion Movies  

Matt Burch
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The Purge, The Strangers, Hush, You're Next - the best home invasion movies tap directly into our most primal domestic fears, those nagging worries that wake us in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat. 

What was that noise? Did I leave the front door unlocked? Did I set the security alarm?Who is the sketchy lady on my doorstep asking to use the phone at 1 am? Who is that strange man in the rabbit mask outside my window? And, seriously, what is the deal with that crossbow?

A good, scary home invasion flick asks all of these questions. The best of them withhold answers for as long as possible, drawing out the suspense. Most of them have a high body count, though they're not always the bodies you'd expect.

The movies on this list take our home invasion nightmares to a whole new level. Unlock the deadbolt at your own risk...

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The Strangers (2008)

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Nothing ruins a good marriage proposal like creepy masked intruders.

Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play the not-so-happy couple vacationing in the country after a friend's wedding reception. A strange woman shows up to the house asking for "Tamara," who does not live there. Things get weirder when she's joined by two masked companions with unidentified motives for making this couple's life a living hell.

Reportedly based on a true story, The Strangers was among the first in a recent wave of home invasion thrillers to feature eerily masked killers with little back story but well-equipped with unconventional weapons.

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Hush (2016)

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One of the more recent B&E chillers to utilize a masked murderer with a crossbow and no obvious motive for terrorizing his victims is 2016's Hush. The difference here is the film's protagonist, Maddie, a deaf author living in the countryside, who can't hear her attacker coming.

The creative soundtrack, often muted from Maddie's perspective, only adds to the suspense. We see and hear things before she does. Still, resourceful Maddie is no victim, as the above trailer demonstrates.

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You're Next (2013)

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At this point, creepy masks are a slasher movie staple. But what about cute lamb and bunny masks? How about trained killers who murder with crossbows and tautly stretched garrote wire? How often does the average home invader warn their victim in blood ahead of time: "You're Next"?

The kills in this 2013 breakout home invasion hit come fast and with little warning, a welcome change of pace that modern audiences fully embraced. If it's a slow burn you want, look elsewhere. If it's speed and surprise you crave, watch out because You're Next.

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Despite the "house" in its title, most of the violence in Wes Craven's shocking Manson-era slasher flick takes place in the woods. In its later scenes, the terror moves indoors, however, as a band of hippie killers invite themselves into the home of the parents whose teen daughter they murdered. Before long, the hunters become the prey. 

A 2009 remake featuring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul heavily emphasized the revenge elements of the original, flipping Last House for the modern age.

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