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The Best Honest Trailers Ever

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Honest movie trailers tell you what you're actually going to see, not what the studios want you to hear. Screen Junkies have gained a loyal following with their Honest Trailers and each one seems to be better than the next. They are all so good, it's kind of hard to pick which ones are the best Honest Trailers. "Our goal with the Honest Trailers series is to sift through all the B.S. of the studio trailers and tell you what the movie is really about," creator Andy Signore recently said at a comic convention. Since it began, the parody series hasn't held back in its critique of Hollywood blockbusters, skewering everything from Michael Bay movies to '80s classics like Ghostbusters and Robocop. As the series continues to grow, we take a moment to showcase just a few of their funniest, most entertaining videos thus far. Which ones are your favorites?
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    Video: YouTube
    "From J.K. Rowling, the author of the book series that kept Borders open for another few years..."
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  • Pacific Rim
    Video: YouTube
    Pew pew pew!
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  • Home Alone
    Video: YouTube
    It's "one part Ferris Bueller, one part Saw."
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  • Avatar
    Video: YouTube
    "In a world created by fat computer programmers..."
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