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The Best Characters In The 'Horizon' Series, Ranked

Attention all machine hunters! We are ranking every character in the Horizon series! Featuring characters from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, both games present a diverse roster of characters showcasing some of the best female characters in video games to some of the most iconic black video game characters of all time. Whether these characters have a major impact on the story or is a fan favorite due to the quests they give out, the best Horizon character is someone who left a memorable mark as we traversed a large open world that filled with large mechanical dinosaurs.

Characters such as Petra Forgewoman, Talanah Khane Padish, and Zo are known for their strong passionate resolve for freedom and overall place in Aloy's adventure, making them some of the best RPG characters of all time. Meanwhile characters such as Tilda van der Meer, Gerard Bieri, and Erik Visser who made their presence known as some of the evilest video game villains in Horizon Forbidden West, and we love how despicable they can be. Then there are fan favorite characters such as Varl and Erend who won us over for their charming personality and compelling back stories. Which Horizon character do you think is the best?

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