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Horror-Adjacent Movies To Watch When You Run Out Of Horror Movies

7 Apr 2020 1.1k votes 212 voters 11.2k views12 items

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Horror fans watch a lot of movies. In an era with seemingly everything available to us at all times, there's plenty to choose from - but that means you can easily tear through your personal horror watchlist and find yourself hankering for something a little... different. Thankfully, there are more than enough horror-adjacent films to choose from as well - in other words, creepy, non-horror movies that will help you get your fix.

Whether you prefer slashers or psychological thrill rides, there's a non-horror movie out there for you. Many of these films teetering on the edge of horror are made by filmmakers who have horror experience, or otherwise have the ability to create terrifying experiences without officially dipping into the tropes horror fans might expect.

Some of these films are dramas, some are technically for children, and a few of them fall in between the cracks of genre designation. What they all have in common is, in one way or another, they will freak you out.

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