The Best Horror Novels of 2019

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Vote up the horror books that are giving you chills and keeping you on the edge of your seat in 2019.

Horror novels continue to be one of the best selling genres in literature, and 2019 appears to be another great year for page-turning scares. The best new horror novels feature several acclaimed writers looking to continue their fine work and even a few newcomers aiming to make a name for themselves in the industry. Here are 22 horror audiobooks, hardcovers, paperbacks, and downloads that scare-fans everywhere are already talking about.

The horror novel stands apart from other genres because its main goal is not just to entertain the reader. Although the latest horror releases feature different kinds of monsters from ghouls to ghosts to undefinable supernatural beings, all the books share one thing in common: They all aim to terrify their audience.

Check out all the best new horror novels coming out in the first half of 2019. Which ones are you looking forward to the most? Make your voice heard and vote up the best horror books 2019.

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  • Remains


    Andrew Cull
    5 votes
    • First Published: August 2019
  • What Sleeps Beneath

    What Sleeps Beneath

    John Quick
    17 votes
    • First Published: March 2019
  • Cardinal Black

    Cardinal Black

    Robert McCammon
    21 votes
    • First Published: 4/30/19
  • The Nightmare Girl

    The Nightmare Girl

    Jonathan Janz
    42 votes
    • First Published: 2/7/

    The Nightmare Girl is part of the Fiction Without Frontiers series.