The Greatest Horror Films Of The Last 40 Years With Virtually No Violence

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Horror films that don't rely on violence and were released within the last four decades only. Vote up the best of the best.

Finding non-violent horror movies is not always an easy task. Since the '80s slasher boom, horror films seem to be engaged in an arms race of violence with every movie trying to top the one before. Other directors have gone in a different direction, using violence and graphic imagery to create some truly gruesome horror movies

If you love to be frightened at the movies but faint at the sight of blood, your options may be limited but they're definitely not non-existent. You can stick with the old-time classics when stricter mores and the Production Code kept violence in check, and there are some great horror films from the last 40 years that don't rely on splatter. The best recent horror movies with minimal violence employ strong writing and well-constructed tension to raise the hairs on our arms rather than the bile in our stomachs.