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The 13 Greatest Horror Game Franchises

Horror may have gotten its start in the pages of books, and later movies, but the one place it seems to have found a permanent home in the world of video games. There's something about playing a character being hunted by zombies, werewolves, or animatronic monsters that puts the player right into the action, which no movie can emulate. One of the best aspects when it comes to horror games is that each spine-tingling release is often followed by an equally chilling sequel, and developers don't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Some of the best horror game series have been around for decades, and many of their most popular titles came out when graphics weren't nearly as immersive as they are today. Despite that technical problem, the best horror game franchises have easily overcome limitations on graphics and sound to become solid entries in the genre, but which horror game franchise is the most bone-chilling of them all?

From Resident Evil to Silent Hill to Left 4 Dead and more, vote up all your favorite series to see which is the most terrifying.

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    Photo: Silent Hill 2 / Konami

    The first game in the Silent Hill franchise was released in 1999, and since then, there have been a total of seven sequels and four spinoffs. On top of those, there are comic books, films, and more, which make the franchise one of the heavy hitters in terms of adaptations into other media. The games are all set in the town of Silent Hill, where a great deal of psychological horror is used to freak the players out as much as possible.

    What Makes It So Creepy: The first game dealt with a cult that wanted to revive a god, and to make that happen, some seriously sick stuff has to go down. The player takes the role of Harry Mason as he searches for his adopted daughter in a town that has literally hone to Hell. Each subsequent game delves deeper into the nature of death and various psychological elements that lend themselves very well to the survival horror genre. Many of the enemies are disturbing perversions of humanity, and they are all more frightening than the last.

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    Photo: Resident Evil 2 / Capcom

    Resident Evil first came out in 1996, but it wasn't long before sequels were being made for the incredibly popular new take on the zombie genre of horror. The games of the franchise feature an immense backstory and lore, which has helped the games to develop into one of the most successful horror video game franchises of all time. In addition to movies, there are live-action and animated films, tie-in novels, comic books, and more.

    What Makes It So Creepy: Resident Evil is the reason the market eventually became flooded with zombie games, comics, films, and television series. It singlehandedly revived the genre in the late 1990s, and it blew up from there. The zombies in the first Resident Evil game are decidedly frightening, but as the franchise evolved, so too did its monsters, and each game offers up something newer and scarier than whichever title came before it.

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    Photo: Dead Space 3 / Electronic Arts

    Dead Space first began with a little game by Electronic Arts that showed up on the PC and major consoles in 2008. From there, two sequels were released in 2011 and 2013, but that's not all players got a chance to play. There are three spinoff games, and the franchise has developed into novels, comic books, audiobooks, and more.

    What Makes It So Creepy: The Dead Space franchise is set in the 26th century, but space exploration is full of deadly environments, and some of the scariest undead monsters in all of horror fiction. They are creepy amalgams similar to The Thing, but only after it incorporated a ton of dead and dying people into its forms. There are a lot of environmental challenges in the Dead Space series, but lurking behind any corner could be something so disturbing, you may just hit save, crawl under your bedspread, and give going to sleep a shot.

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    Photo: F.E.A.R. 3 / Vivendi Universal

    The F.E.A.R. franchise got its start with a release on PC and the major consoles back in 2005, and since it was first released, it has expanded into two sequels, numerous DLC, a promotional machinima, and a Dark Horse comic book. The franchise revolves around a supernatural phenomenon that is investigated by agents of F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon), a special forces team theoretically equipped to handle the threat.

    What Makes It So Creepy: The gameplay is done in a first-person perspective, which has a way of putting the player right in the action in a way that's different from more traditional third-person horror games. The story centers on a little girl, which is always creepy, but playing through the game helps to develop the story, which is about as frightening and creepy as the many threats players must face as they make their way through to the end.

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