The Best Horror Manga

Is there anything better than a good scare? The best horror manga offer terrifying story lines and amazing character development, all while scaring you half to death. With this horror manga list we tried to exclude titles that went on to become super popular horror anime, as we already have a list for that. On the poll below we've ranked both well-known horror manga, as well as scary manga that you might not have heard of before. Series like Domu, Rabbit Doubt, and Panorama of Hell may have flown under your radar, so definitely check them out if you love dark and gory manga.

Some of the most prolific horror manga authors include Hellsing creator Kouta Hirano, as well as Junji Ito, the author of Uzumaki and Gyo. Vote for the top horror manga that you feel is the scariest, and downvote something that you read and didn't enjoy.  
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