The Best Horror Movie Franchises

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The best horror movie franchises of all time have some incredibly large shoes to fill, as well as having some hard criteria to live up to. Certainly, some of the biggest factors in determining a great Hollywood horror franchise should include box office numbers and the sheer number of films in the franchise, but let's face it, a list of the best scary film franchises of all time should be based on one thing... how scary the movies really are! This list includes some of the biggest and the most successful horror movie franchises, collections, and trilogies ever, so vote for your favorites and feel free to re-rank the movie series' in any order you want.

Any list of great horror movie franchises must encompass nearly 100 years of terror on the big screen! From masterful older horror movies like the Universal Monsters franchise to the best 80s horror movie franchises like the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street series to the best modern-day classic franchises like the Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring franchises, there is a little something for each and every horror fan ever right here on this list.

With so many outstanding horror franchises to choose from, how do you pick the best? If you need a reference point, you should check out this list of the greatest horror films ever made. You'll note that several of the top-ranked films are actually the cornerstones of fantastic horror franchises, including Halloween, AlienThe Exorcist, and Poltergeist. So be sure to vote up the best horror franchises ever!