The Best Horror Movie Remakes

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Horror film reboots or remakes, including other languages & international versions. No sequels.

A list of the best horror movie remakes. Are you looking for newer versions of an old horror movie favorite? Browse through this list of the best horror movie remakes to see if a more recent and exciting version of an old favorite horror movie is available to watch. Ranked in order of most popular horror movie remake to least popular, you can easily see which horror movie remakes are considered the best. If your favorite horror movie remake is on the bottom of the list, you can vote for it to get it raised to the top. Then, everyone else can enjoy watching a great horror movie remake based on your voting.

If you don’t see a particularly good horror movie remake listed here, go ahead and add it to the list. You can also copy and paste from this list to make your own favorite list of horror movie remakes. An old-time favorite horror movie is “The Haunting” from the ‘60s. But the newer version with Owen Wilson gives this oldie an exciting twist, and is well worth watching.

So go ahead and browse through the list of horror movie remakes. You may spot a modern version of an old favorite horror movie that you didn’t know existed. Pick out a few new ones, and watch the old version and the remake all in the same night to compare the two versions of horror movies!
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