The Best Horror Movie Remakes Of All Time

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Horror film reboots or remakes, including other languages & international versions. No sequels.

Over 3,900 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best horror movie remakes. These films have been re-imagined from classic works of horror and suspense, creating modern masterpieces that reignite our love for the genre. Whether it's a reimagining of a slasher flick or an update on a classic ghost story, these horror remakes bring with them thrills and chills!

From The Ring and Stephen King's It to The Thing and Dawn of the Dead, there are some truly amazing offerings in this list. Each one features stunning visuals, powerful acting performances and plenty of gore - what more could you want? And while there is sure to be debate amongst fans over which remake stands above all others, there is no denying that each one has left its mark on the world of horror movies.

So why not take part in this ranking poll by voting up your favorite remake? From cult classics to recent hits, every vote counts towards making this definitive list as accurate as possible.

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