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The Best Horror Movie Sequels

Updated 23 May 2020 36.9k votes 2.1k voters 59.5k views109 items

List RulesAny horror film sequel in a series or franchise. No 1st remakes or reboots (II and III okay).

Does your favorite horror film keep the frights coming with an awesome sequel? Browse through this list of the best horror movie sequels to see which scary movies not only have second installments, but are considered to be some of the greatest sequels ever made. Everyone knows there are many sequels (of varying quality) to slasher flicks like Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Other part twos, however, are great stand-alone movies, like Evil Dead II, Dawn of the Dead, and even Aliens.

Do you want to have a horror movie marathon of your favorite scary series? This list makes it easy to pick out horror movies that have sequels. From the Saw series to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, many horror movies brought multiple movies to the screen for the viewer’s excitement and enjoyment.

To see which horror movie sequels were well-done and added to the enchantment of the series, pick from the top of the list to enjoy a fright night to remember. You can also add your own favorite horror movie sequel if you don’t see it listed here.
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