The Best & Most Memorable Songs From Scary Movies

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Vote up the songs from horror and Halloween movies that not only make scenes memorable but are great on their own.

The best songs from horror movies not only make a scene memorable, but they can also conjure up all the creepy feels and spine-tingling fears through pure association. Great horror movies have it all - from the cast to the effects to themes that haunt your dreams for long after the credits have rolled. But when they are matched with great songs, scary movies, horror films, and all those flicks with that good Halloween-y vibe reach an acme of perfection.

Some of the best horror movie music (and a popular horror movie trope) is an innocent song ironically paired with intense scenes, like John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" in Final Destination or the titular song of Jeepers Creepers. Other cheerful songs may be associated with less nightmarish moments, such as "Banana Boat" in Beetlejuice, but they fit the mood of a super song in a spooky movie. Other songs are covers transformed to fit a film, such as Type O Negative's "Summer Breeze" in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Some movies, like The Crow and The Lost Boys, or even the divisive Queen Of The Damned, are inextricably linked with the music in them.

The best horror movie songs transcend the score to practically sum up the thesis of a film. Vote up the best songs from horror movies that are not only great on their own but help make the movie great as well.

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  • Banana Boat (Day-o)
    Harry Belafonte
    242 votes

    In movie: Beetlejuice

  • People Are Strange
    219 votes

    In movie: The Lost Boys

  • This Is Halloween

    This Is Halloween

    Danny Elfman
    233 votes

    In movie: Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Bad Moon Rising
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    193 votes

    In movie: An American Werewolf in London