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Best Horror Movie Villain Deaths, Ranked By Fans

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Even for fans of horror films, watching innocent characters perish takes its toll. This is why the demise of horror movie villains, when done right, can be so satisfying. Some of the creatures, monsters, and slayers on this list come back to wreak more havoc in sequels and spin-offs, but the survivors almost always get to enact some form of retribution.

These villains use dreams, chainsaws, possession, spells, and knives to end their prey. Each of the scenes on this list are broken up into descriptions of the offenders' deeds and how the heroes finish them off. Which protagonist kicks the most butt? Which horror franchise has the best villain deaths?

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    Paul Slays Annie And Escapes In 'Misery'

    Her Dastardly Deeds: Annie Wilkes is an emotionally disturbed nurse who is obsessed with fictional character Misery Chastain, whom was created by writer Paul Sheldon. Annie saves Paul from an icy car wreck, bringing him to her isolated home to heal. As the days add up, Paul realizes that Annie is not a good Samaritan but a delusional fan. When she finds out Paul wants to off Misery, she loses it. She burns Paul's latest manuscript and forces him to write a new novel that brings Misery back to life. After Paul makes a few attempts at escape, Annie straps him to a bed and smashes his ankles with a sledgehammer to immobilize him.

    How The Hero Turned The Tables: After finishing the new manuscript about Misery, Paul sets it on fire to distract Annie. As she runs to save it, he bashes her over the head with the typewriter and stuffs her mouth with pages from the manuscript. After further struggle, Paul strikes Annie with the base of a large vase, ending her.

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    Sarah Connor Crunches The T-800 In A Hydraulic Press In 'The Terminator'

    Their Dastardly Deeds: By 2029, an artificial intelligence network called Skynet has ended human civilization in a nuclear holocaust. A man named John Connor leads a resistance against the machines, but Skynet sends a cyborg, the T-800, back in time to eliminate John's mother Sarah. A metal android disguised by living tissue, the Terminator can pass for human and slays anyone who gets in the way of its mission.

    How The Hero Turned The Tables: A member of the Resistance, Kyle Reese, is sent back in time to warn and protect Sarah. As a team, the two stay a step ahead of the T-800, and fall in love in the process. In the end, Kyle sacrifices himself to save Sarah, but does not completely destroy the T-800. In a final, desperate struggle, Sarah draws what's left of the machine into a hydraulic press and annihilates it. Sarah escapes, and though she does not avert Judgement Day, her son John will be born.

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    Ripley Blows The Xenomorph Out Of The Airlock In 'Alien'

    Their Dastardly Deeds: The commercial spaceship Nostromo brings aboard an extraterrestrial creature that evolves from a chest-bursting newborn to a fierce, salivating monster with corrosive blood. The creature stalks the industrial corridors of the ship, traveling through the air ducts to avoid detection. One by one, the crew fall prey to the xenomorph.

    How The Hero Turned The Tables: By the time warrant officer Ripley is the last person left alive, she realizes the only way to eliminate the creature is by blowing up Nostromo. She escapes on the ship's shuttle after setting the Nostromo to self-destruct mode. Believing the alien terminated, she prepares for stasis. Unfortunately, the creature made it aboard the shuttle with her, and the exhausted Ripley must once again fight for her life. Sliding into a secured spacesuit, Ripley opens the shuttle's airlock to send it into space. The alien manages to latch onto the exterior engine, and Ripley ignites the exhaust.

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    Stuntman Mike Gets Chased Down And Stomped In 'Death Proof'

    His Dastardly Deeds: Hollywood stuntman Mike McKay uses his rigged car as a tool to lure in women and then off them. He brutally slays four women in the first half of the film. Then, months later, three friends in Tennessee are test driving a 1970 Dodge Challenger - with stuntwoman Zoe Bell clinging to the hood. Mike lingers in the distance, ready to ambush. With both vehicles cruising the Tennessee highway at top speed, Mike hits the Challenger multiple times, and manages to throw Zoe off the hood.

    How The Heroes Turned The Tables: The girls get Zoe back into the car and pursue Mike in the Challenger. A chase ensues, and it becomes obvious Mike has targeted the wrong group of women. In the final scene, the three women run Mike off the road, pull his body out of his wrecked car, and then beat him to a pulp.

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