The Best Horror Movies Of 2022

Ready to turn the lights off for a fright? Then you should check out the best horror movies of 2022. This year has already kicked off with scary movies like Scream and A Banquet starring Sienna Guillory but there are plenty more scares to come. There are several highly anticipated horror movie sequels due out in 2022 like Halloween Ends and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Another good 2022 horror movie is sure to be Jordan Peele's Nope. You'll also want to answer The Black Phone when it rings into theaters this fall. But which of these 2022 horror films is the scariest? You get to help decide with your votes.

Browse this list of 2022 horror movies and vote up the ones that gave you the biggest fright. Check back for upcoming and new 2022 horror movies as they are released to see where you favorites end up on the list.

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