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The Best Horror Movies About Airplanes

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As if flying wasn't scary enough on its own, here are the best horror movies about airplanes, or at least the scariest movies that take place on airplanes. Some of the horror films on this list aren't exclusively about planes, but feature at least one important scene on an airplane. Final Destination, for example, doesn't take place on a flight, but the airplane is essential to the plot of the film.

What are the best horror films that take place on an airline flight? A few good choices for scary plane movies include Airborne, Panic Button, and Dark Flight, a Korean horror film take takes place in the air. We of course have included Snakes on a Plane as well, because although it's not necessarily a horror film, we just couldn't leave it off our ranked list of scary airplane movies.

Vote up the horror movies set on airplanes that you would recommend to other movie lovers, and downvote any films if you've seen them and didn't care for them.

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