The Best Horror Movies That Take Place in Castles

Horror movies that take place in castles seem to be a thing of the past, but the classics are still great. This list ranks the best horror movies about castles, or at least some great scary movies that use a castle as the setting. What is it about castles that are so creepy? Perhaps it's the enormous size of them, which gives you a dreaded feeling that evil could be lurking anywhere. There aren't many modern horror movies set in castles, but there are a few that made it onto this list.

So what are some popular horror films set in castles? Army of Darkness, House on the Haunted Hill, and The Haunting all belong in the conversation when discussing the best. We can't forget about the timeless Dracula either, starring Bela Legosi as the infamous vampire that resides in Transylvania. To this day, Legosi's performance in the 1931 classic is still considered the definitive version of Count Dracula.

Vote up your favorite castle horror movies, but only downvote a film if you've seen it and believe it to be truly terrible.

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