The Best Horror Movies About Evil Experiments

Horror movies about evil experiments often vary in subject matter from crazy science experiments gone wrong to movies with experiments that go exactly as planned. Sometimes, the experiment is on a human subject, as seen in The Fly or The Human Centipede. Other times, scary movies can be about social experiments, like in the The Belko Experiment. Military and medical experiments can also be the source of a scourge in some of these films. The plot of the film is simple- coworkers in an office are pitted against each other in a kill or be killed situation.

Sometimes the experiments themselves are not as evil as the result. Morgan is about a scientifically created "human" that loses its mind and begins to kill the scientists that helped create her. Other good scary movies about experiments gone wrong include Re-Animator, Scanners, and From Beyond.

The purpose of this list is to rank the best evil experiment horror movies, so vote up your favorites below, and add to the list if you think the scariest human experiment movie isn't already here.

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