The Best Horror Movies Set In Hotels

It's no secret that two of the most iconic horror movies of all time take place in hotels, but beyond Psycho and The Shining, what are some good scary movies that take place in hotels or motels? This list ranks the scariest hotel horror movies, with the help of your votes. The top spots are almost exclusively reserved for the aforementioned films, but there are plenty of other scary movies set in hotels for you to vote on below.

Although it didn't receive the highest accolades from critics, Identity is actually an entertaining motel horror film with a great twist at the end. Other examples of horror movies with hotels include 1408, Motel Hell, The Innkeepers, and Eli Roth's Hostel.

Did we somehow miss the scariest hotel horror movie on the list? Add as many films to this poll as you want, as long as they are scary movies about motels, hotels, or hostels.

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