The Best Horror Movies About Time Travel

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Horror films where time travel plays an important role in the plot of the movie

How many time travel horror movies can you name? This list ranks the best time loop horror movies, where manipulating time plays a major role in the film's plot. All of these scary movies are about time travel in one way or another, but not every film features a character that is going into the past or future. In Event Horizon, for example, there is a rift in the space time continuum, but the main characters themselves do not actually time travel.

Some good horror movies with time traveling include Mine Games, Time Lapse, and Insidious 2, the sequel to the Blumhouse hit from 2010. We've included a few debatable entries like Donnie Darko, so just know that before seeing the scary time travel movies below.

Vote up your favorite time loop horror films, and downvote any that you really wouldn't recommend to other horror fans.

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