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The Best Horror Movies for Date Night

Updated 18 Feb 2020 18.1k votes 2.3k voters 197.8k views77 items

List RulesHorror films and psychological thrillers that are good to watch on dates.

Are you hoping for the perfect horror movie pick for a night of cuddling? Horror movies can sometimes make the best choice for a date night, causing couples to cling together in fright, and giving them a great topic for discussion after the movie. Browse through this list of the best horror movies for date night to see which horror movies were voted the most popular horror movie for date night by other couples. Ranked in order of the most popular horror movie for a date night to the least popular, if you’re looking for a quick idea, simply pick from the top of the list and see for yourself if you agree with the voting or not.

You can also vote for your own favorite date night horror movies and see them get raised higher on the list. If you don’t see a particular favorite horror movie that you especially enjoyed with your partner, simply add it to the list so that others can try it as well.

Some horror movies are a perfect choice for a date night. Whether they are a psychological thriller, a frightening horror movie or a scary movie with a touch of comedy, couples are sure to find a favorite pick that they both can enjoy. Instead of taking a chance on an unknown horror movie, use this list to help you make a wise choice for your date night with a top-voted horror movie, then sit back and enjoy the night of fright.

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