The Best Horror Movies of 2017

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The best movies horror movies of 2017 not only revolutionized the genre but helped revolutionize cinema as a whole. Horror burst its way onto the mainstream in a massive way and became the talk of the town for the entire year. Whether it be due to socially conscious and politically charged films like Get Out or a scary sensation sweeping the nation in It, the horror genre thrived during this time in the mainstream and produced some of the best horror films of all time in this year alone.

It wasn't just the newcomers who came to play this year, as audiences saw a plethora of some of the greatest franchises horror has to offer returning to the silver screen yet as well. Horror fans were treated to continuations of the Alien, Texas Chainsaw, Chucky, Annabelle, and Amityville Horror franchises so horror of old and new was dominating the minds and hearts of horror fans.

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