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The Best Horror Movies of 2017

Updated 9 Jan 2020 9.6k votes 1.8k voters 31.9k views24 items

Horror fans, it's time to rank the best horror movies of this year. Featuring action horror movies, psychological thrillers, and scary sci-fi films, 2017 horror movies gave audiences all kinds of scares. What is the best horror movie of 2017?

Jordan Peele's horror mystery Get Out is easily one of the scariest movies this year as well as one of the best horror films of all time. M. Night Shyamalan redeemed himself with horror thriller Split, while The Mummy reboot disappointed fans. Other great 2017 scary movies include Life, It Comes at Night, Rings, and Wish Upon

Vote up the best horror movies of 2017 and feel free to add any 2017 horror movies missing from the list.

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