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23 Super Awesome Horror Movies On Hulu You Can Watch Right Now

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The full moon is peaking from behind a cloud, a raven caws in the night, and you’ve spoken the wretched spell/logged into Hulu; it’s time to watch some horror movies. As Halloween grows near you may have noticed that there’s a king’s ransom of horror movies on Hulu you can watch right now, but which movies are the best?

Like that night you found the house giving out king size candy bars on Halloween, you’re in luck, because the current horror movies on Hulu are simply hair-raising. Just don’t watch them all at once; you might scare yourself to death.

No matter what you’re into, Hulu has you covered on horror films. They have a vast collection of cult classics, rarely seen gems, and modern masterpieces that will keep you jumping at every shadow well after October ends. Open up your candy corn and keep scrolling to find out which films cracked the list of the best horror movies on Hulu.