The Best Horror Movies On Netflix

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Must be a horror film currently available via Netflix streaming.

This list of the best horror movies on Netflix is your one stop shop to see anything and everything that the iconic streaming service has when it comes to horror. Buckling in for an evening on the couch? There's nothing better than a scary movie, and with this list of the scariest horror movies on Netflix, you can make an informed decision about what horrifying film will keep you up tonight. Some of the best movies of all time are now available right at your fingertips thanks to Netflix, so you can catch up on new hit movies and some of the greatest movies ever right from the comfort of your living room.

Netflix’s horror movies include everything from some of the most iconic slashers and psychological thrillers of all time, to brand new suspenseful thrillers, to even some masterful Netflix originals that push the envelope of what horror can even be! This Netflix streaming list is here to get you started on the best your monthly subscription has to offer. 

While it may be ever-changing, be sure to vote up the best horror movies on Netflix, and be sure to check out the scariest horror movies of all time!

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