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The Best Horror Movies Set In The Woods

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List RulesHorror films with an outdoors, camping, or forest setting

Do the woods scare you? Do they bring you an uneasy feeling? Many Hollywood horror movies have been set in the woods because forests are dark, creepy, possibly haunted, and hard to navigate. What would be worse than being lost in the woods while being tracked by a homicidal maniac? Famous movie serial killers like Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and the Blair Witch all use the woods to their advantage, hiding behind trees and run-down cabins while their victims (usually a group of friends) trip over roots and call for help that will never come. Ranked in order of the most popular horror movies set in the woods to the least popular, these films portray the ultimate feeling of fright by using the woods as a setting.

When you see a particularly great horror or thriller movie set in the woods (like a terrifying summer camp or particularly about a doomed hiking trip), go ahead and give it a vote up so other fans know what to watch next. Or, you can copy and paste from this list to make your own list of the best horror movies set in the woods. The Cabin in the Woods had an obvious woods setting, but did you know Ash Williams is stuck in the woods throughout the Evil Dead franchise?

If you are a fan of horror movies and love the added creepy elements of a wooded setting, browse through this list of the best horror movies set in the woods to find a new favorite scary movie. After a night of frightening horror movies in the woods, you may never set foot in nature again! And if you love being scared, check out our list of good ghost movies to creep you out.

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    This film is a 1981 American horror film written and directed by Sam Raimi and executive...  more

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    I Spit on Your Grave is a 2010 American revenge horror film, and a remake of the controversial...  more

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    This film is a 2003 French horror film directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa....  more
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