The Best Horror Movies Under 90 Minutes

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The best horror movies under 90 minutes have an incredibly difficult task ahead of them. The best short horror films need to not only craft a cohesive story in a compact amount of time, but one that will satisfy even the most rambunctious horrors fans' appetites. Time is precious, which means there is no room for lollygagging, and while many films have crumbled under the pressure of creating a terrifying and memorable story in such a small amount of time, these phenomenal horror films, used it to their advantage. That while you find so many great 90 minute horror movies on this list.

These horror films under 90 minutes often had to experiment with the very concept of what a movie is, and this allowed for new ideas and completely new forms of storytelling. Breakneck speed mixed with horrifying visuals often overwhelm and terrify audiences, and make the films all the more memorable. From some of the godfathers of horror like The Bride of Frankenstein and Freaks, to modern horror classics like Rec and Trick r' Treat, these films all used their stout runtime to create some of the best horror movies of all time.

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