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The Best New Horror Shows Of 2020

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Blending horror with humor, drama, thrills, this list of the best horror series of 2020 means that your DVR lineup won't be a horror show of boredom. Horror TV shows are always a hit and 2020's top series will be continuing that trend. Horror comic book adaptations, vampires (there are always vampires), and the simple horror of humanity itself are all ready to add some scares to 2020.

It seems like most of the most exciting new horror series for 2020 are based on books. Both Locke & Key and October Faction were popular comic books that are getting new audiences and life as Netflix horror series. Even Dracula, a new BBC One limited television series is based on the classic book. The Outsider is also based on a novel - the latest Stephen King adaptation. As 2020 continues, more horror series will premiere that shake up how the year starts, but beginning 2020 with television adaptations of horror book favorites feels like a scarily good way to start the new decade.

Take a look at the list of horror series below and cast your vote for your favorites.

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    The Outsider (HBO, 2020) is an American miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. A police procedural that shifts to a horror novel, the story follows multiple characters in a small town....  more
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      Locke & Key (Netflix, 2020) is an American drama television series based on the comic book series by Joe Hill. After their father is murdered, three children move into a new home where they find mysterious keys that can be used to unlock various doors in magical ways, but soon discover a demonic entity that is also searching for the keys for its own malevolent purposes....  more
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        Dracula (Netflix, BBC One, 2019) is a British-American horror-fantasy television limited series based on the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker. This retelling of the classic story follows Dracula (Claes Bang) from his origins in Eastern Europe to his battles with Van Helsing's descendants and beyond....  more
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          Lovecraft Country (HBO, 2020) is a drama horror television series based on the novel by Matt Ruff. Set in 1950s Jim Crow America, Atticus Black (Jonathan Majors), his friend Letitia (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) embark on a road trip where they struggle to overcome racist terrors and terrifying monsters....  more
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