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15 Great Horse Movies On Netflix

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Yee-haw! Who knew there were so many horse movies on Netflix? That's right, the beloved horse has spawned its own subgenre on the popular streaming site. Whether or not you own horses, ride horses, or simply love horses, there's a movie on Netflix that's right for you. There's quite a few Netflix horse racing movies, such as the gripping documentary Being AP, which details the impressive career of jump jockey AP McCoy. In the mood for romance? You'll find a nice selection of love stories on this list as well. Hey, horse-back riding can be a really romantic activity!

Many times, horse movies incorporate themes of determination and perseverance. These are qualities we associate with the mighty stallion itself, so it only seems fitting that these films emulate those values as well. In fact, it's wild just how much humans can overcome when they have a bond with a horse. It rivals even that of man's best friend (dogs). 

This list includes all the best horse movies on Netflix. There's several options for kids, teens, and adults, because horse-lovers come in all ages. Read more about each movie, and vote up the ones that make you whinny with joy! 

  • Photo: Walk. Ride. Rodeo. / Netflix

    Based on a true story, this Netflix original movie relives the inspirational story of Amberley Snyder, a nationally ranked rodeo barrel racer. Snyder, played by Spencer Locke, survives a near-fatal car crash, becoming paralyzed from the waist down. But nothing can take away the passion she has for horse-back riding. Against all odds, Snyder works her way back to walking, and eventually riding again. The most amazing part? She did it in just 18 months, after doctors predicted she would never walk again. They say when you fall, you've got to get right back on the horse again. Snyder is a living, breathing example of that. 

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  • Photo: A Champion Heart / Devotion Films

    A Champion Heart tells the story of Mandy Renner, a 15 year-old girl who is grieving over the loss of her mother. Starting over in a new town, Mandy struggles to make friends. A group of popular girls betray her trust, leaving her in a heap of trouble. The punishment? Mandy must serve time at an equine sanctuary, where she meets a wounded horse who needs her care. As she cares for the horse, she regains her faith and hope in the world. Soon, Mandy's confidence is restored, with her new four-legged friend by her side. 

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  • Photo: War Horse / Touchstone Pictures

    Good luck keeping your eyes dry during this heart-wrenching war movie about a boy and the bulletproof bond he has with his horse. Jeremy Irvine plays Albert, the son of a farmer who falls head over heels for a colt named Joey. Albert and Joey form a close friendship, but all that changes when Joey is sent to the army. At first, Albert cannot enlist because he's too young. But over the years, Albert works his way into the military, hoping to be reunited with his trusty steed. Through hell and high water, Albert and Joey come out on the other side of World War I. But will they be able to return home together?

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    Free Rein: Valentine's Day

    Photo: Free Rein: Valentine's Day / Netflix

    Free Rein is the ultimate show for horse lovers, period. Fans of the British television series will be delighted by this Netflix special companion film, Free Rein: Valentine's Day. The movie features the same beloved characters from the TV show, as they set out with their horses on a quest to find the fabled Maid's Stone. They're met with unforeseen perils, placing the group in danger. It's up to thoroughbred horse Raven to save the day! The love of a horse rivals that of any human.

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