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The Best Things to Put on a Hot Dog

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The hot dog: the unofficial official food of baseball games and backyard barbecues. But you can't have a perfect hot dog without the perfect toppings. The best hot dog condiments are a matter of opinion. Some good hot dog recipes include pickled relishes, while other delicious hot dog toppings are fresh veggies. One of the most popular hot dog toppings is practically banned in the city of Chicago.

What sausage toppings will you find on this crave-worthy list? Mustard is one of the most popular toppings to add to a hot dog. Whether the sausage is grilled, boiled, or steamed, a hot dog topped with brown, yellow, or spicy mustard makes for a great lunch on a summer day. Ketchup is another popular hot dog topping – but don't ask for this item in Chicago unless you want to get a few dirty looks. Here, relish and sport peppers reign supreme. Other great hot dog toppings include pickles, sauerkraut, and celery salt.

What do you think are the best things to put on a hot dog? Give the best options a thumbs up to move them towards the top of the list, and please add any tasty toppings that are missing. And if you're a fan of this list, we're sure you'll find our list of the best burger toppings useful, as well. 

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    Ranch dressing

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