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The Most Hilarious Quotes From 'Hot Tub Time Machine'

Revisit the '80s with the funniest quotes from Hot Tub Time Machine. Starring John Cusack, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry, the 2010 time travel comedy is packed with funny lines, memorable one-liners, and a couple inspirational quotes. What is your favorite quote from Hot Tub Time Machine

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    Great White Buffalo

    Lou: She was a one-percenter, man. All downhill from there. 

    Nick: That was the big one. First love. 

    Lou: One that got away.

    Adam, Nick, and Lou: Great white buffalo. 

    Jacob: The great what?

    Adam, Nick, and Lou: Great white buffalo. 

    Jacob: Why are you guys whispering? 

    Adam, Nick, and Lou: Great white buffalo. 

    Jacob: That was really helpful, you guys. Thank you.

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    Time Machine

    Nick: It must be some kind of hot tub time machine. (looks right into the camera)


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    You Come Find Me

    Jacob: I'm kinda right in the middle of a thing right now, but can I text you later?

    Girl at Club: Can you what?

    Jacob: Are you online at all?

    Girl at Club: I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Jacob: How do I get a hold of you?

    Girl at Club: You come find me.

    Jacob: That sounds... exhausting.


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    A Shotgun

    Lou: If I wanted to kill myself, I'd f*cking kill myself. I'd be awesome at it. A shotgun to the d*ck.

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