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Only famous rappers who were born in or started their careers in Houston, TX.
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The Houston rap scene (and the entire Southern rap scene for that matter) was a reaction to the 80s rap movement that was already happening, quite famously, in New York and LA.

By the early 90s, the Geto Boys were among the first from the area to break big nationally. And when southern hip hop was sped up, DJ Screw started slowing the tempo down. He, along with Oklahoma’s Dj Dinero And Dj Z-Nasty, popularized the Chopped And Screwed sub-genre in the Mid South fairly early on in the movement’s history. In 2000,  UGK made a cameo on Jay-Z's smash hit "Big Pimpin’" and also on Three Six Mafia’s "Sippin' on Some Syrup". Soon after, Mike Jones achieved mainstream success as did Paul Wall, and Houston’s influence on rap and hip hop was solidified.

Here’s a list of Houston rappers who’ve left an indelible mark on the game. Vote up the best hip hop artists reppin' H-Town.

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  • DJ Screw
    598 votes

    Blessed with a unique and innovative style, the late DJ Screw can easily be hailed as a game-changer in the hip-hop scene. With his groundbreaking technique of slowing down and chopping up tracks, known as "screwed," he created an entirely new subgenre, Screwed & Chopped, which has since been a significant influence on rap music. His mixtapes, such as the legendary June 27th, were highly sought after and showcased local talent while adding his signature touch to well-known songs. DJ Screw's untimely passing was undoubtedly a loss for the Houston rap community, but his musical legacy carries on through his enduring style.

  • Pimp C
    752 votes

    As one-half of the iconic hip-hop duo UGK, Pimp C was an integral force behind the development of the Dirty South sound, specifically in Houston. His unmistakable Southern drawl and raw, unapologetic lyrics captivated listeners, perfectly complementing Bun B, his longtime collaborator. Pimp C's production skills were equally impressive, showcasing his ability to create soulful, immersive beats that are synonymous with Southern rap. Although his life was tragically cut short, Pimp C's contributions to the Houston rap scene and beyond will forever be remembered.

  • Z-Ro
    729 votes

    Hailing from Houston's south side, Z-Ro is undeniably one of the city's most celebrated MCs, often referred to as "the Mo City Don" after his hometown neighborhood, Missouri City. His deeply personal and introspective lyricism sets him apart from many of his contemporaries, frequently touching on topics such as depression, substance abuse, and street struggles. Z-Ro's distinct voice and melodic flow make his music easily recognizable, while his impressive discography, featuring albums such as Let the Truth Be Told and Life of Joseph W. McVey, stand as a testament to his talent. With a dedicated fanbase and an uncompromising commitment to authenticity, Z-Ro remains a vital figure in Houston rap history.

  • Bun B

    Bun B

    663 votes

    Arguably one of the most respected and revered MCs hailing from Houston, Bun B's work with the legendary duo UGK, alongside Pimp C, put Southern rap on the map. His distinctively smooth flow and clever wordplay are prominent features in classics like "Pocket Full of Stones" and "One Day." As a solo artist, Bun B continued to make an impact on the Houston rap scene with critically acclaimed albums like Trill OG. With a career spanning several decades, Bun B's influence on the genre and the city that birthed him is indisputable.

  • Fat Pat
    306 votes

    Considered a key figure in the Houston hip-hop community, the late Fat Pat's style is often imitated but never duplicated. His 1998 debut album, Ghetto Dreams, showcased his powerful storytelling abilities and natural gift for hooks, earning him a dedicated following in his hometown. Known for his work with DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click, Fat Pat's buttery flow and streetwise lyrics contributed to the authenticity of Houston's rap scene. Though his life was cut tragically short, Fat Pat's influence on the city's music endures to this day.

  • Travis Scott
    1,151 votes

    A relative newcomer compared to some of the other Houston rap legends on this list, Travis Scott has undeniably left his mark on the genre. Combining elements of rap, trap, and hip-hop, Scott's distinct sound has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him both critical and commercial success. With chart-topping albums like Astroworld and a packed live performance schedule, there's no doubt that Travis Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary rap scene. With roots in Houston, his rise to prominence signals the city's enduring influence on hip-hop culture.