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Who are the best Houston Rockets of all time? For much of its history, the Houston Rockets have been one of the most consistent teams in the NBA. The team has had few poor seasons and they have, it's been to the Rockets benefit. The few times that Houston has had the number one draft pick, the team has struck gold landing some of the greatest players in team history. Few, if any, basketball experts would dispute that Elvin Hayes, Ralph Sampson, Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming are among the best centers ever. All of have played center for Houston and all were drafted with the top overall pick in the NBA Draft. Though he wasn't drafted by Houston, Moses Malone is another great big man who has played for the Rockets.

While the Rockets have a rich history with big men, even having some of the best players ever on its roster, that doesn't mean the team has neglected other positions. Calvin Murphy is one of the best free shooting guards ever and the team's acquisition of James Harden made the Rockets one of the most dangerous in the league. Nowadays, the Rockets are in rebuild mode with young NBA players like Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green, and Alperen Sengun hoping to change the math on the franchise's fortunes.

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  • Hakeem Olajuwon
    3,139 votes
    • Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria

    Hakeem Olajuwon, known as "The Dream," was an unstoppable force in the paint throughout his career with the Houston Rockets. Averaging almost 22 points per game and 11 rebounds, this Nigerian-born center was the heart and soul of the Rockets' back-to-back championships in the mid-90s. His elegant footwork and silky-smooth post moves made him a menace for opposing defenses, and his defensive prowess earned him two NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards during his illustrious career.

  • James Harden
    Shooting guard
    3,187 votes
    • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

    James Harden, often referred to as "The Beard," is an offensive juggernaut whose scoring ability and unmatched playmaking skills have cemented him as one of the premier guards in the league. With a knack for creating his own shot and making his teammates better, he has led the Rockets to multiple deep playoff runs in recent years. Harden's unique blend of elite scoring, court vision, and deceptive quickness continues to stupefy opposing defenses and excite basketball enthusiasts around the globe.

  • Moses Malone
    2,039 votes
    • Birthplace: Petersburg, Virginia

    Moses Malone, a three-time NBA MVP and Hall of Famer, was the epitome of a dominant big man during his six seasons with the Rockets. Known for his relentless work ethic and unyielding tenacity on the boards, he led the league in rebounding six times while establishing himself as an elite scorer. Malone's sheer will and determination helped propel the Rockets to their first-ever NBA Finals appearance in 1981, which consequently solidified his status as one of the all-time greats.

  • Yao Ming
    2,339 votes
    • Birthplace: China, Shanghai

    Yao Ming, the towering 7-foot-6-inch Chinese sensation, took the NBA by storm upon his arrival in Houston. His imposing size, coupled with a soft touch around the rim and a reliable mid-range jumper, made him a matchup nightmare for opposing centers. Yao's incredible skill set and magnetic personality transcended cultural barriers and brought a new level of international attention to the Houston Rockets organization.

  • Clyde Drexler
    Shooting guard
    1,758 votes
    • Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, a Houston native, was an electrifying wing player whose high-flying dunks and intensity on both ends of the floor made him a fan favorite during his tenure with the Rockets. A key piece of the 1995 championship team, Drexler's veteran leadership and clutch play helped solidify the Rockets as back-to-back champions. His smooth game and relentless drive left an indelible mark not only on the Rockets organization but also on the entire NBA.

  • Tracy McGrady
    Shooting guard, Small forward
    2,515 votes
    • Birthplace: USA, Florida, Bartow

    Tracy McGrady, or "T-Mac," was a scoring machine during his time with the Rockets, possessing an unrivaled combination of size, athleticism, and skill. Although plagued by injuries throughout his career, McGrady's ability to score from anywhere on the court and create opportunities for his teammates made him one of the most dynamic players in NBA history. His legacy in Houston will always be remembered for his awe-inspiring scoring explosions and uncanny knack for making the impossible look easy.