The Best Houston Texans Head Coaches of All Time

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Who is the best Houston Texans coach of all time? The Houston Texans franchise only extends back to 2002, and in its brief time in the league, the team has had trouble breaking into the top tier of NFL teams, despite some recent success. As such, the list of Texans coaches is not long but still features some of the greatest NFL coaches of all time. Which Texans coach was the best? What Texans coaches did you love?

Seven coaches have been given the reins to the Texans franchise, although Wade Phillips and Romeo Crennel only came in as interims. Gary Kubiak is the best Texans coach, leading the Texans for seven years. Bill O'Brien then took over, and while he led the Texans to the playoffs three times, he was canned before the team could truly breakout. Recently the Texans brought in Lovie Smith to coach the team and hope to get back to their winning ways.

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