The Best Houston Texans Linebackers of All Time

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Big fan of Houston football? Then check out this list of Houston Texans linebackers with photos and seasons as starters. It includes every starting linebacker from throughout Houston Texans history, including current linebackers and past ones. An important part of the Houston defense, the LB position includes middle or inside linebackers and outside (strong side or weakside) linebackers. Featuring some of the greatest NFL linebackers of all time, the best Texans LBs include Kailee Wong, Marlon Greenwood, DeMeco Ryans, and Brooks Reed.

In the 2017-18 NFL season, the current Houston Texans starting LBs and backup LBs are Jadeveon Clowney, Dylan Cole, Zach Cunningham, Brian Cushing, LaTroy Lewis, Benardrick McKinney, Whitney Mercilus, Gimel President, and Brennan Scarlett. 

Who are the best linebackers in Houston Texans history? Here is every player who has ever held the position of Houston Texans starting linebacker.

Most divisive: Jeff Posey
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