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The Best Hubba Bubba Flavors of All Time

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There are so many Hubba Bubba flavors, you might just scream "Hubba Bubba!" when you see how many great tasting varieties of bubble gum there are! That's what military personnel used to exclaim in order to express approval about something during WWII. The phrase stuck with the Wrigley company, and they dubbed their new bubble gum Hubba Bubba in 1979. Hubba Bubba bubble gum was originally invented to be less sticky than other brands of bubble gum, so that if you blew a huge bubble and it popped all over your face, the remnants would be easy to clean off your skin. 

Hubba Bubba flavors are normally fruity, although the company did take a break from yummy, fruity flavors to produce soda-themed flavors for awhile. The best known flavors of Hubba Bubba include: Outrageous Original, Strawberry Watermelon, Hawaiian Punch, Awesome Original Bubble Tape, Snappy Strawberry Bubble Tape, Sour Apple Bubble Tape, Triple Treat Bubble Tape, Tangy Tropical Bubble Tape, Hubba Bubba Chunk Atomic Apple, and Groovy Grape.  

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