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The Best Hulk Storylines in Comics

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Many Marvel fans would rank Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, among their favorite characters, but the list of iconic Hulk storylines is surprisingly short. The strongest there is also happens to be one of the toughest for writers to get a handle on, and it’s to find a consensus on what the best Hulk comics are. It does make sense; how does one take the most powerful being on Earth and make him relatable? Despite the challenge, a number of Marvel writers and artists over the years have combined to bring to life some of the best Hulk story arcs ever.

With a superheroic career lasting over half a century, the list of the Hulk’s greatest adventures include trips through time, to far-off planets, the microscopic world, and even to Hell and back. No matter where he roams, the themes surrounding the jade giant are always the same—being angry, being misunderstood, and having the overwhelming desire to SMASH!