The Best Hummus Brands on the Shelf

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Will the real hummus lovers please stand up? If you've landed on this list of the best hummus brands, it's probably because you're no stranger to licking clean the hummus container when you can no longer score anymore on your pita chip. Hummus is a creamy, flavorful, delicious Mediterranean dip that's made from chick peas, tahini, and any other great ingredients you (or the hummus genies) wants to add. Some of the top hummus brands make their hummus with vegan and gluten-free recipes and other good hummus companies offer a variety of hummus flavors and textures.

What are some of the great hummus brands that appear on this list of top hummus companies? Sabra is definitely one of the favorite hummus brands that can be found in grocery stores. Basil Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper, and Classic Hummus are among Sabra's popular hummus offerings. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods both have store brands of good hummus, as well.

The greatest hummus brands make good snacks that can be served with vegetables, pita's and even crackers. Or, if you want to get crazy with it, you can stick your spoon directly into that little plastic tub and eat your hummus straight up like a hummus gangster. Tribe, Cedar's, and Athenos are other hummus brands that made our top hummus brand list.

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