The Best Hunter Killer Movie Quotes

These Hunter Killer movie quotes are all from the 2018 action-thriller film which follows an unvetted submarine captain as he teams up with US Navy SEALs to rescue the kidnapped president of Russia. Donovan Marsh directed the film based on the screenplay Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss wrote, and the entire movie is full of epic one liners and tense dialogue. For this list we're highlighting the best quotes from Hunter Killer, with the help of your votes.

In Hunter Killer, Commander Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is commanding officer of USS Omaha. Commander Glass and his men must traverse Russian waters, under cover of ice, to get to where Russian president Zakarin (Alexander Diachenko ) is being held prisoner. US Navy Seal Martinelli (Zane Holtz) and his men must infiltrate Russian territory to rescue the president of Russia from his own Defence Minister, Admiral Dmitri Durov (Michael Gor). Commander Joe Glass has to overcome his fears, as this is his first attempt at a mission this important. 

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  • Right Thing To Do
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    Right Thing To Do

    Capt. Joe Glass: I've risked my men. I've risked my ship, because it was the right thing to do. This is about our future.

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  • Training Simulations
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    Training Simulations

    Capt. Joe Glass: There aren't training simulations for this one.

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  • World War III
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    World War III

    Bill Beaman: If we don't pull this off, it's gonna be World War III.

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  • The Tampa Bay
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    The Tampa Bay

    Naval Officer: Admiral, the Tampa Bay's gone missing from just above the Kola Peninsula.

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  • Court-Martialed
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    TMC Turner: You will be court-martialed!
    Capt. Joe Glass: Then it's my job to keep you alive long enough so you can testify.

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  • Ever Crossed
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    Ever Crossed

    Capt. Joe Glass: We've been ordered to cross waters that no American sub has ever crossed before.

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