The Best Hunter x Hunter Characters

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Who is your favorite Hunter x Hunter characters? The main cast of the show is great, but there are also a ton of characters that Gon and the gang meet along the way as well! Let's rank the best Hunter x Hunter characters of all time, with the help of your votes! This includes heroes, villains, and anyone in-between that makes an appearance in the series.

He may be a creepy bad guy, but Hisoka Morow is a beloved character not just in the Hunter x Hunter universe, but in all of anime fandom. What's not to love about an insane jester with an insatiable appetite for making people bleed? He begins the series as an antagonist but eventually becomes a supporting character. Killua Zoldyck is another character from Hunter x Hunter that fans love - is everyone better than the protagonist in this series? Jokes aside, Gon is definitely a well-loved protagonist that anime fans seem to love.

Vote up your favorite characters from Hunter x Hunter, and please add any if they aren't already on the list!

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