The Best Dog Breeds For Hunting

For thousands of years, the best hunting dogs have been selectively bred and trained to aid hunters in tracking their quarry. While there are several different breeds of hunting dogs that are best suited for a specific type of prey, this list will answer which dog is the overall best at hunting.

Ask two hunters, and you will likely get two different answers. For starters, choosing the right hunting dog largely depends on the specific animals you're hunting, the geographical area, and the hunter's personal preference. From Labrador Retrievers to Foxhounds and more,  each breed has a knack for hunting a particular type of prey, whether it be fowl, rabbits, quail, duck, or any other type of quarry.

Check out the list of loyal companions below, and when you find a dog you feel makes a great hunting partner, vote them up to see which popular hunting breeds rise to the top.