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The Best Movies About Hunting

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It's time to vote for the best hunting movies. Hunting is both a leisure activity and a sport for millions of Americans. Therefore, it is no surprise that movies have incorporated it. Drama and comedy are both inherent in the activity. Suspense comes from waiting for the right moment to bag an animal -- and, of course, that waiting can often take hours. Humor occasionally rears its head, too. Just search "wacky hunting videos" on YouTube for proof.

Good movies about hunting animals come in two forms. Some movies are specifically about people seeking to make a particular score. The Ghost and the Darkness, for instance, is about an engineer who teams up with a hunter to take down two lions that are threatening a construction project. Other films begin with hunters or hunting, then thrust their characters into some different scenario. A perfect example of this is The Deer Hunter, in which a group of friends go hunting before a couple of them are shipped off to Vietnam. In both cases, hunting is a vital element, even if one is fundamentally about the activity and the other uses it to reveal something about the characters.

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