The Best Ice Pokemon of All Time, Ranked

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Vote for your favorite Ice Pokemon, which doesn't necessarily have to be the strongest.

What are the best ice-type Pokemon that any Pokemon trainer must have in their collection? Find out below, as Pokemon Masters have ranked the best Ice Pokemon of all time. This greatest Ice-type Pokemon list covers all generations, so you can vote on everything from Articuno to Regice. But not all of these Pokemon are pure Ice type, as some are half while others are secondary. Statistically, Ice Pokemon are extremely weak defensively, but are one of the most popular types for attacking.

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime and video game franchises of all time, with millions of copies sold and plenty of sequels and spin offs. Aside from ice type Pokemon, you should also check out the best water Pokemon and the fire Pokemon. Those are the other two classic types of Pokemon.

Voice your opinion by voting up your favorite Ice type Pokemon and voting down others. You can also rerank the list to your liking or add any you feel are missing. Let other Pokemon trainers know which are the best ice-type Pokemon and are worth trying to catch.
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