The Best Ignition Coil Brands

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This list contains information on ignition coil brands, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The ignition coil works with a car's battery to transform the voltage and start the car. The best ignition coil brands come in many forms. Some top ignition coil brands are made by top vehicle manufactures and others provide third party options.

What companies will you find on this best ignition coil brands list? MSD makes some of the most popular ignition coils on the market. This great ignition coil brand makes products that fit cars, trucks and even race cars. Mallory Ignition is another favorite ignition coil company currently producing products.

Ford, Toyota and Honda all make ignition coils that their drivers can by for replacement purposes. Other good manufacturers that are featured on this top ignition coil brands list include Bosch, Dynatek and Spectra Premium.

Which ignition coil company do you think makes the best quality product? Let us know by giving your favorites a thumbs up and please add any great brands of ignition coils that we may have missed.
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